Dreams From My Father; Origins, thus far

So I bought Dreams From My Father by Barack Obama. I’m about halfway through the first section now, entitled “Origins”. Observations:

  • The book was published 12 years ago.
  • Barack was 33 when it was published and he is now 45.
  • He was born in Hawaii and later moved to Indonesia.
  • Barack’s full name is Barack Hussein Obama, Jr.
  • Barack Sr. was from Kenya. He died when Barack was 21.
  • Barack’s mother, Ann, was from Kansas. She died just after the book came out.
  • Barack Sr. married Ann then later left when when Barack was two.
  • Barack’s mother remarried an Indonesian man, Lolo. He also died when Barack was young.
  • Barack has a half-sister, Maya.

So far the book is an enjoyable and informative read. I like how much empathy Mr. Obama possesses. It really is apparent when he is describing his parents life before he is born.

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