Some logos I've designed for various websites.


A swarm logic simulation I did of fish swimming in a tank.

Dog Delusion


Memorial Day Parade Somerville MA 2010

Freaks and Geeks

I just watched the first and only season of Freaks and Geeks. This show is the type of embarrassing funny. It sometimes makes you wince. It also has an amazing soundtrack from the period (early 80s) and before. The Who, the Grateful Dead, Kansas and tons of others.

Dreams From My Father; Origins, thus far

So I bought Dreams From My Father by Barack Obama. I’m about halfway through the first section now, entitled “Origins”. Observations:

  • The book was published 12 years ago.
  • Barack was 33 when it was published and he is now 45.
  • He was born in Hawaii and later moved to Indonesia.
  • Barack’s full name is Barack Hussein Obama, Jr.
  • Barack Sr. was from Kenya. He died when Barack was 21.
  • Barack’s mother, Ann, was from Kansas. She died just after the book came out.
  • Barack Sr. married Ann then later left when when Barack was two.
  • Barack’s mother remarried an Indonesian man, Lolo. He also died when Barack was young.
  • Barack has a half-sister, Maya.

So far the book is an enjoyable and informative read. I like how much empathy Mr. Obama possesses. It really is apparent when he is describing his parents life before he is born.

Bitstream Vera

Want a good, free, open-source font for writing code with? Try Bistream Vera Sans Mono.